!Trail Briefing!

Stanley Nakashima, Ultra Runner and gracious Trail Sweep volunteer every year!

Thank you CLIF BAR & Honey Stinger for sponsoring our runs!

Directions To The Start:

The exact GPS coordinates for the start of the race are on the Ultra Signup registration page “map icon”. To find directions to the race, type in your start address or city, and a Google map will generate a map.

From I-5 exit 230, go east and follow State Route 20 to milepost 82. Turn left (north) on the Baker Lake Highway (Forest Service Road #11). Continue for 14 miles to the Baker Dam Road and turn right. The Start/Finish is located at the Puget Sound Energy Kulshan Campground.

Please carpool there is limited parking!

A Discovery Pass or Forest Service is not required at Start/Finish. A Forest Service Pass is required at Hidden Creek Aid Station (turnaround) and the South Baker Lake Trailhead. Maple Grove Aid Station is only accessible by trail or boat.

Start: The start is located on the road at Puget Sound Energy Kulshan Campground.

50k early starts at 7:00am and the official 50k race starts at 8:00am.

Arrive early to avoid parking problems, to get your packets, race number, use the restroom, and as a courtesy to all the other runners that arrived on time.

Once runners start they will bear right, run over the Baker Lake Dam, then continue ~ 1 mile on the forest service road to the South Baker Lake Trailhead on the left (right after the outhouse), total distance is ~ 1.7 miles.

After runners get on the trail they have less than 4 miles to the Maple Grove Aid Station; ~10 miles later is Hidden Creek Aid Station (North Baker Lake Trailhead) and the turnaround.

Then runner’s turnaround and return the same way.


Maple Grove Aid Station: mile 5.5, 25.5

This is a water only aid station. Please use this water sparingly so all the runners on the course have access to water. Please don’t dump this water over your head or waste the water. On the return trip remember you only have a little over 5 miles to go so you don’t need to add 40 ounces of water to your bladder, fill all 3 of your water bottles, etc. Chances are there are people behind you that really need water and it is so remote we can’t deliver more water after the race has started. In 2014 we had about 16 ounces of water available for each of the runners on the course on their return trip here. The water was gone for the last 15 or 20 runners. We will increase the amount we bring out there, but still please remember the back of the packers. The 1st 11 years of this run water was only available at the start, turn around, and finish because of how difficult it is to get supplies out here..

Hidden Creek Aid Station: mile 15.5 (Turnaround

Please fill up your water here so you only need a limited amount of water at Maple Grove.

Hidden Creek will have a variety of ultra-fare type food, S-Caps, water and GU2O.

Make sure you check in each time you arrive at the turn around aid station and leave the aid station.

It is your responsibility to check in and out.

Hydration: Make sure you carry enough water aid for a 10 mile run. There are streams, but if you don’t want to stop, or use untreated water, please carry a sufficient amount.

EVERYONE is required to carry a water bottle!

Bridges on the course are mossy be careful. They ARE very slippery!

Markings: The course will be marked with orange & blue/white checkered flagging & reflective tape.

Restrooms and 4 Portable Toilets will be at the Baker Lake Aid Station, one outhouse at the South Baker Lake Trailhead, outhouses at Maple Grove Aid Station, and outhouses at the Hidden Creek Aid Station.

Trail Etiquette:

Run on the right side of the trail and always pass on the left.

Slower runners please allow faster runners to pass.

Faster runners announce when you’re passing, “On your left”

Trash: Our trails need to be kept clean and free of all trash. If you don’t have pockets to stash trash during the run, then pin a Ziploc bag on your shorts, tuck the trash in your pack, or whatever you need to do to keep the trash off the trail. We will have garbage bags at all the aid stations for you to rid yourself of this. We will have Ziploc bags at the aid stations, just ask for one!

Our permits are STRICT concerning trash on the trail.

We want to be able to run this race year after year and all want to be good stewards of the trail.


Drop Bags: Please label your drop bags with your bib number, last name, and which aid station, Hidden Creek (mile 15.5) or the Finish

We WILL NOT allow drop bags at Maple Grove (mile 5.5, 25.5) There will be a designated area at the registration area the morning of the race to leave your drop bags.

Drop bags not picked up from an aid station or start finish area WILL NOT be mailed to runners, they will be donated.

Elevation Gain in the 50k is 3400’. The elevation loss is the same since it is an out and back course, give or take a few feet!

Cut off Times:

The cut off at Hidden Creek Aid Station is 12:30pm

The course shuts down at 6:00 pm, 11 hours for the early start & 10 hours for the regular start.


Shirts: We should have a few shirts available the day of race for sale.

Results will be posted on the website, Ultra Signup, and in Ultra Running Magazine.

Hall of Fame: Runners that have run the Baker Lake race 5 times enter the Hall of Fame.

New Hall of Famers will receive a 5 year bag at the finish

PACERS: No pacers are allowed for the 50k.

Crew Access: For crews: access to the Hidden Creek Aid Station is very easy, it is at the VERY END of the Baker Lake Highway, just follow the highway to the end and into the campground, when you hit the trailhead you are there. The big tent and aid station will be set up as well; you should have no problem finding it. This is the only aid station crews and friends will be able to access, other than the finish area. Maple Grove Aid Station is only accessible by boat or trail. Make sure you have a Forest Service Pass before the race; it is required at Hidden Creek Aid Station. Crew is only allowed at Hidden Creek Aid Station and the finish area.