Welcome to the Baker Lake 50K !

We are excited to offer a fun, long distance trail running experience nestled in the shadow of Mt. Baker. Baker Lake 50k is held on the first Saturday in October annually. We have kept the low key, family friendly approach that has always been a feature of the run. We want runners to feel free to bring family and friends, and while they are traversing the Baker Lake Trail, their constituents can enjoy the beauty the Baker Lake Recreation Area has to offer. Can you think of anything more enjoyable than that? Family, friends, and trail running.

Baker Lake 50k occurs in a beautiful serene fall setting. Stands of giant old growth trees draped in lichen and covered in moss are some of the highlights along this trail. This trail leads into a majestic stand of douglas fir that regrew after Mt. Baker erupted and started a forest fire in 1843. You can still see the burned snags of the cedar trees that once dominated the area. From south to north, the trail contours the eastern shoreline of Baker Lake, offering glimpses of Mt. Baker. All along the trail spot western trillium, twinflower, foamflower, coralroot and twisted Stalk.

Answers to most of the frequently asked questions can be found on the TRAIL BRIEFING page. Please read this thoroughly!

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